About the Project

This project has been funded by Windsor and Maidenhead Council, with the aim of creating a feasibility study to assess the possibility of delivering community-led affordable housing through a Community Land Trust on Council owned regeneration sites.

The funding ultimately comes from the Community Housing Fund, which is a central government initiative providing extra funding to local authorities with especially high levels of second home ownership. 

Ecomotive, a not-for-profit co-operative with many years experience in community housing, has been hired to carry out this feasibility study.  Over the past few months, we have been making contact with people and groups to let them know about the project and find out more about what the people in Borough want and need, and how a community led scheme might be able to help. 

Community-led by definition means that it has to work to the needs and agenda set by the community. So, while the council are funding this work, the end result will be a organisation led by local people to meet local needs. If you are concerned or interested in what this means, the invitation is to come and join in, to make it happen. 

Soon we will be inviting people to start thinking about forming a working group and setting out the goals and next steps, to create more housing in the area, and as you will notice from the tender description below, we hope to present a credible case back to the Council to get more support including seed funding and potentially help identifying a site. 

Thomas Beale